Customize Your Free Enterprise Experience With the New App

Apr 1, 2013

Photo by Ian Wagreich/U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The My Free Enterprise app—available for iPhone, iPad, and Android—is your home for free market news and ideas. It’s a streamlined, interactive way to read's award-winning content on the issues facing business and perspectives from entrepreneurs and policy leaders—all that in addition to original videos, photos, and infographics.

What makes the My Free Enterprise App different than going to the mobile version of is your ability to customize your experience. Choose the topics that interest you. From the legislative environment to the small business environment, capital markets to corner markets, energy programs to entrepreneur profiles, the Free Enterprise app has you covered.


  • Fully customizable platform to deliver the free enterprise news that matters to you
  • Offline browsing to allow for continued reading without internet access
  • Simple sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email
  • Tailored push notifications that allow you to control the topics and frequency

Free Enterprise Content:

  • Opinion pieces from free enterprise advocates, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and policy shapers
  • Trending stories that delve into the issues facing the state of American free enterprise and business today
  • Newsmaker interviews that take you inside the minds of successful leaders and decision makers
  • Video and photos that bring free enterprise to life
  • How-to articles to sharpen your entrepreneurial and business skills

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