This Guy Robbed a Pizzeria and Now He's Suing the Owner for $250,000

Oct 6, 2014

Everyone knows that running a business, especially in the food industry, is tough. The hours are long, the demands are high, and every day brings a new challenge. But would you ever think a business like a small pizzeria would have to deal with being sued by the person who tried to rob them?

Yeah, that happened.

The story appears on, along with many similar tales of bizarre legal battles:

Nigel Sykes, who committed armed robbery at a Seasons Pizza restaurant in Delaware, is now attempting to sue the pizzeria, six of its employees, and the two arresting officers for more than $250,000 after allegedly sustaining injuries during his arrest.

After “displaying” a gun, Sykes was handed $140 from the cashier. According to his testimony, while leaving the store he was then tackled by employees. Police arrived on scene to arrest Sykes, apparently using stun guns in the process. At least one shot was fired during his struggle with the pizzeria’s employees.

Sykes described the actions of the employees and arresting officers as unnecessary, and he is now filing a suit from prison where he is sentenced to 15 years.

Although he claimed to have been forced into conducting the robbery, Sykes has now been linked to eight other robberies, resulting in 51 charges, and admits that he is, “not good at making good choices.”

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