Is Your State One of America's Energy Leaders? (Infographic)

Jan 31, 2014

Photographer: Ron Antonelli/Bloomberg

Thanks to surging production in the country’s oil and gas shale regions, the U.S. is importing significantly less oil and bolstering its energy independence. The Energy Information Agency expects U.S. crude imports this year to average 6.7 million barrels a day, down by nearly a million barrels a day from 2013 averages. The decline comes amid a boom in oil and gas production in places such as North Dakota, where monthly output has nearly quadrupled over the past four years.

Renewables are also pulling more weight. Last year, wind generated more than 168,000 thousand megawatthours of electricity, and solar power currently generates almost 9,000 thousand megawatthours of electricity to power our economy annually. All of this new domestic generation is strengthening the country’s energy security, prompting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy to lower its Index of U.S. Energy Security Risk to 95.3 last year, down from 102 the year before. 

From Texas — which takes top honors as the country’s top oil, natural gas, and wind producer — to hydropower leader Washington state, our infographic showcases America’s resilient energy industry by highlighting the top energy-producing states for each energy source. 

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