Articles by Ken Stier

Contributing Writer, SJR Group

Innovative Technology Research Finds a Home in North Carolina

Even if you’ve never heard of Cree Inc., there’s almost a definite chance you’ve used one of their products. In fact, every time you Google something, you’re indirectly using a device made by Cree.

How Big Data Empowers Lender to Help Small Businesses

Small business lender OnDeck is part of a new breed of companies using "open data" to disrupt existing business models. The lender applies big-data analytics to make credit more readily available.

Rikers Island Tackles Rearrest Rate With Country's First Social Impact Bond

Can New York, the city with the most expensive jail system in the country, capitalize on an opportunity to save more than $20 million through an innovative type of financing?

How MakerBot is Printing a Better World

As a leading 3D printing apostle, Bre Pettis still confronts the image of his burgeoning industry as little more than a font of curious gizmos.