Articles by Erik Sulcs

Video Communications Producer, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

What One Man Learned Driving 12,000 Miles of the American Road

Last fall, Dan McNichol packed up a beat-up 1949 Hudson and hit the road for his Dire States tour. What he learned about American infrastructure should worry you.


The $57 Million Shakedown of Buckyballs (VIDEO)

How can a federal agency shut down a business and then go after the former CEO? We sit down with former Buckyballs CEO Craig Zucker and former Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Nancy Nord to get some answers.


Terracycle’s Garbage Guru Gets Down and Dirty with (Video)

Tom Szaky is proving that one man’s waste is everyone’s treasure. His company, TerraCycle, Inc., is eliminating the idea of “waste” by finding ways to recycle everything...and we mean everything.

Ask The Expert: Why is the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement a Big Deal?

John Murphy, Vice President of International Affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce tells us why the recent World Trade Organization's facilitation agreement is important to the United States and to it's business interests.


Ask The Expert: What is the Economic Forecast for 2014?

Martin Regalia, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says he’s “guardedly optimistic” about the direction of the American economy in 2014. Find out why in our Ask the Expert video.


VIDEO: Where Can We Build Anything in the United States?

An avalanche of environmental regulations has made it increasingly difficult to build and develop in the United States.


VIDEO: 3 Reasons Why the Federal Government Should Fund Infrastructure Projects

Recently, two members of Congress introduced legislation that would gradually eliminate federal funding of transportation projects, arguing that infrastructure projects are best left to states and localities.

Can Your Business Help the World Bank Defeat Poverty by 2030? (VIDEO)

World Bank President Dr. Jim Yong Kim discusses how his organization helps the private sector get involved in the developing world, benefiting the global society and investors' bottom lines.


VIDEO: U.S. Chamber Remains Committed to Advancing Immigration Reform


VIDEO: A Shoe Designer and Musician Face a Common Threat

An American Idol-winning musician and a shoe designer talk about the threat to their business that worries them most.