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3 Trends That Are Pumping Life Back Into Americans’ Health

Mar 31, 2014

To mark the last day to buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, we thought we would take a look at what lies ahead for our nation’s health. Here are three trends that show promise of a brighter future – and hopefully a few less technical glitches.

Wearable Devices – from Bracelets to Bionics

5 Technologies That Will Change the World

Mar 20, 2014

Creative destruction: it's what drives the economy and remakes the world in unpredictable ways. Often it's the result of a technological breakthrough, such as the telegraph. Sometimes it's a more subtle development, involving the bringing together of disparate elements in new ways, such as the assembly line. What they have in common is entrepreneurial talent, grit, and hard work that get new ways of doing things across the finish line.

Here are five technologies that are remaking the world right now.

The European Example: Rethinking Government-Run Health Care

Mar 12, 2014

Since the launch of Obamacare, Americans have begun to witness the reality of what more government intervention in the health care system means—burdensome mandates, tax increases, punitive fines, and heavy regulations.

Yet at the same time Obamacare has created an expanded federal role in health care, other countries that have been operating government-run health programs for decades are furiously seeking to reform their dysfunctional and financially unsustainable systems before they unravel.

Can This Robot Help Kids With Autism?

Mar 6, 2014

Jalali Hartman's interest in how technology can help humans led to his latest startup venture, Robauto, a robotics company working to produce an affordable robot companion for autistic people that helps them focus, communicate, and interact.

Fitness Pay for Play: Monetary Incentives Encourage Corporate Wellness Participation

Jan 24, 2014

Corporate wellness programs can help reduce healthcare expenses, but will employees actually use them? To enhance the effectiveness of these programs, a growing number of companies are offering monetary incentives for participation.

A cash payment or reduction in the employee's health insurance premium can be a powerful motivator, says Dr. Fik Isaac, vice president for global health services at Johnson & Johnson, the world's sixth-largest consumer health company.

Shootout in Austin: Startups are Raring to Take on Major Challenges

Jan 22, 2014

The Texas sun is dipping below the horizon, setting the 16th floor of this Austin skyscraper ablaze.

Twenty-eight startups from all over the region have been working on their quick-draw one-minute pitches all day.

Now, in the moments before the Challenge Cup pitch competition begins, the startups are circling each other warily—a process made easier by the circular layout of Austin-based incubator and Challenge Cup host, Capital Factory.

A Not So Happy New Year for Small Businesses

Dec 31, 2013

On the health care front, 2013 couldn't end fast enough for many small businesses. The year was characterized by confusion and tumult: rising premiums, a one-year delay of the government's online marketplace for small businesses, the exchange rollout debacle, and a general sense of uncertainty over compliance with the behemoth health care law. So 2014 can't possibly be any worse, right? Not so fast.


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