With Demand Response, You Get Paid to Cut Your Energy Bills

Oct 14, 2014

In the middle of a heat wave, around 5 p.m. when people begin arriving home from work and electricity demand spikes, a power outage often follows suit. But what if there were a way to prevent demand-driven blackouts without spending billions of dollars? That sort of electric grid silver bullet exists, it turns out, and it’s called demand response.

Citing Economic Benefits, Report Ranks U.S. Cities by Walkability

Aug 20, 2014

With metropolitan areas across the United States continuing to pick up new residents, local officials are working to upgrade infrastructure to ensure it’s equipped to handle quickly rising demand. Certain cities are outpacing others in this modernization race, which is already yielding far-reaching economic and political repercussions, a new study conducted by George Washington University concluded.                   

Denver Builds a Rail System to Grow on for the Mile High City

Feb 20, 2014

When discussions began nearly a decade ago in Denver of creating a modernized transit system to address the metropolitan area's sprawling growth, the business community braced for the kind of divisive debate that can derail major infrastructure projects.

But then something surprising happened. Local businesses, developers, environmentalists, residents and their elected officials got together and worked through their differences to create the conditions necessary to build a rail network that has brought widespread benefits to the Mile High City.


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