#90SecondsWith: Sir Richard Branson (UPDATE)

Sep 11, 2014

UPDATE: Sir Richard Branson released a book this week, "The Virgin Way: Everything I know About Leadership," which chronicles his career and tracks his entrepreneurial journey. 

In England during the late ‘60s, Eve Branson found a necklace and turned it over to the police. When it went unclaimed, she sold it for the equivalent of $500. The modest sum would provide the seed money for her enterprising teenage son, Richard, to launch a student magazine.

Citing Economic Benefits, Report Ranks U.S. Cities by Walkability

Aug 20, 2014

With metropolitan areas across the United States continuing to pick up new residents, local officials are working to upgrade infrastructure to ensure it’s equipped to handle quickly rising demand. Certain cities are outpacing others in this modernization race, which is already yielding far-reaching economic and political repercussions, a new study conducted by George Washington University concluded.                   

19 Trends That Will Change Everything

Apr 7, 2014

You could almost hear worlds colliding when folk rocker Neil Young got on stage at this year’s SXSW festival. He wasn’t there to play the music portion of the Austin event. Rather, he was there for the interactive segment to introduce his PonoMusic initiative that he says is “rescuing music.” Even better? He funded the project on Kickstarter.


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