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Echoing Green: Funding Social Entrepreneurs Since 1987

Jul 21, 2014

From inventors like Thomas Edison to innovators like Bill Gates, entrepreneurs have long been a driving force of U.S. economic growth. Yet more and more, entrepreneurs are turning their attention toward social issues, as they strive to solve major societal problems through the lens of business.

Though the idea of social innovation is now firmly entrenched in the zeitgeist, it is not exactly a new concept. In fact, social entrepreneurs have existed for quite a while, as have the groups that support and finance their ambitious agendas.

How Big Data Empowers Lender to Help Small Businesses

Apr 24, 2014

After three tours of duty in Iraq as an Army medic, Will White came back stateside with a business idea for a healthy meal delivery service. He just needed a little financing.

White figured he would easily qualify for a loan through any number of programs aimed at helping vets transition back to civilian life. Instead, he found himself confronted with the same challenges facing many small businesses — access to startup funding.

Rikers Island Tackles Rearrest Rate With Country's First Social Impact Bond

Feb 24, 2014

Jafar Abbas has noticed a distinct change in attitude among his students. No more yelling out the window, fewer obscenities, and much less negativity in general.

The more positive tone is a good sign not just for the class, put potentially for society. Abbas isn’t an instructor in just any classroom — he’s teaching teenage inmates at New York’s Rikers Island.

Volcker Rule Will Be a Grinch to U.S. Capital Markets

Dec 11, 2013

Business men and women of Whoville beware: Paul Volcker may be swiping your Christmas cheer.

Yesterday, federal regulators voted to approve the Volcker Rule, named after former Federal Reserve Chairman, Paul Volcker.

While the Volcker Rule seeks to ban proprietary trading, it goes beyond that. Congress and regulators may have shot at Wall Street, but they will hit Main Street instead.


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