You're Never Too Old to Innovate

Nov 8, 2011

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="170" caption="Jack Fluor, CFO; Mike Braico, EVP of Sales; and Bruce Lyon, CEO via Inc."]Pictured (L-R) are Jack Fluor, CFO; Mike Braico, EVP of Sales; and Bruce Lyon, CEO[/caption]

A few years ago, Bruce Lyon, founder of Integrated Media Technologies, quit his job as a sales executive at Sun Microsystems and went into business for himself. At 58 years old, Lyon saw no reason why his age should hold him back. He explains, "I started life as an entrepreneur.  Those creative impulses have never left me. I just can't help myself." Those impulses paid off, with his $25.7 million dollars business now sitting at number 284 on Inc.’s 5,000 list. When Lyon was merely 20 years old, he and a partner put their innovative spirits together and created a technology that completely transformed the animation industry. Impressively, Disney was their first client. He has since continued to push the boundaries of innovation.

An article from Inc. reports:

"In a small company, you're always battling a [shortage] of resources, and you never have the money to do what you want to do," Lyon says. "At Sun, they could indulge whims that led to almost nothing. It was like going to business school for me."

In late 2006, Lyon left Sun to start his own company around the business plan he had created. He knew returning to entrepreneurship at that stage of his life was a risky move, but, he says, "I knew it was a risk worth taking. I had a great deal of confidence that I was going to be able to create a successful company, and what I didn't want to do was end up at a place or a time in my life where I regretted not taking that risk."

"I'm 63. This is it for me," Lyon says. "I needed to make this business work. I get to be master of my own universe here. When you're an employee for a large company you don't feel as if you can make a big difference in a lot of cases. When you're running a formative company you feel like everyday you're making a difference. That's exciting."

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