The Week That Was -- Thanksgiving Edition

Nov 21, 2012

Here are the most widely read stories for the week ending November 23:

A Sugar Low: Union Kills the Twinkie – The writer waxes nostalgic about the iconic sugary treat following its presumed death by union strike.

Union Misjudgment Costs Hostess Jobs – Even the Teamsters, which represents Hostess workers other than the striking bakers, disagreed with the union's work stoppage.

Krugman Yearns for a Golden Age of 91% Tax Rates – If 91% tax rates were so wonderful in the 1950s, why did President John Kennedy call for tax cuts in 1962 to create more jobs?

A New Era of Energy Abundance – Chamber CEO Tom Donohue reminds Americans to be thankful for the affordable, accessible, and safe energy that could revitalize America’s economy.

New Administrative Requirements for the Affordable Care Act – Limits on flexible spending accounts (FSAs), a new summary of benefits, and additional Medicare withholding for high-wage employees are a few of the changes called for in the health care law that employers must deal with now or in the very near future.

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