The Week That Was -- June 8, 2012

Jun 8, 2012

Here are the most read stories for the week ending June 8:

State Farm’s Ed Rust Elected U.S. Chamber Chairman – Ed Rust is following a family tradition in his leadership roles at both State Farm® Mutual and the U.S. Chamber. Learn about this man of Midwestern values and a farmer's work ethic and how he intends to help lead the business community in the year ahead.

In Praise of Productivity – Tom Donohue explores why an increase in productivity means higher median income for workers, enabling them to buy and invest more, which leads to job growth.

21st Century Manufacturing: A World of Difference – The information and communication revolution, combined with declining transportation costs and improved ability to manage logistics, have enabled the fragmentation of global supply chains, which means that companies are becoming less vertically integrated than ever before and have many more geographic choices with regard to sourcing production.

Paycheck Fairness Act Would Empower Trial Lawyers – The Senate voted this week on the Paycheck Fairness Act (PFA), a bill that would unleash a swarm of lawsuits, stop businesses from adequately defending themselves, and give regulators the wrong tools to fight discrimination.

5 Business Lessons from Zippo’s Innovative Spark – They are frequently held aloft by concertgoers. This week the 500 millionth Zippo lighter was manufactured. Find out how Zippo Manufacturing Inc. of Bradford, Pennsylvania, has kept the flame burning for so many years.

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