Using Milestones for Marketing

Mar 28, 2012

Whether it’s commemorating your business’ 25th anniversary or celebrating your 250th customer, anniversaries, milestones, and awards and recognitions are prime opportunities to promote your business. These occasions can be used to retain existing customers and generate new ones, raise the profile of your business, and help shape your company’s future. Here are a few ideas for maximizing your milestone:

  • Generate awareness with your customers and clients. A milestone offers a soft touch point for you to reach out to your customers and clients to remind them of the great work you’re doing. Send them a thank-you card for helping you reach your milestone, put out a press release, or promote your success through social media.
  • Offer special anniversary incentives to attract new customers. Take this opportunity to introduce yourself to new customers and clients by offering a discount on your products or services or by giving away a commemorative item in honor of your milestone. For example, the Disney Store offered a coupon for 25% off a purchase in honor of its 25th anniversary. This is also a chance to create a yearlong rewards program to keep new customers coming back!
  • Engage your employees. Your employees are the face of your company, so get them excited about what you’ve accomplished and incentivize them to help reach the next goal. If you hit your new client goal, challenge your employees to double it in the next quarter and offer them a prize (a catered office lunch or tickets to a sporting event). Red Frog Events got creative when it coordinated a staff video flash mob to celebrate being named 2011 Great Lakes Regional Finalist for the Dream Big Small Business of the Year Award.
  • Host a special commemorative event to show your appreciation. Your clients, employees, and local community all have played a role in making your company a success. Invite them to an open house or a reception to thank them. A good party and sincere thanks are rarely forgotten.
  • Brand. Brand. Brand. Make sure your brand reflects your achievement. If you hit an anniversary, add the dates to your logo. Consider adding a tagline to your website to promote a milestone or achievement, such as Capitol Patent Service of Arlington, Virginia. Its home page touts “over 12 years of superior customer service.” A logo or tagline should appear the same way in all your marketing materials. Use the same font, color, and size for each use—that way you’ll really stick in your customers’ minds.

Leveraging your businesses achievements can add value to your company, increase your customer engagement, and take you toward your next major milestone.

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