The Right Person for the Job

Sep 2, 2011

With limited job opportunities these days, small businesses need to make sure that if they do have room to hire, they're doing it right. Proactive, innovative employees are the best bet for long term success. Interns can be a great investment, if you can afford the resources to train them. Taking on an intern can also let you know if they will be a dedicated and capable employee for the future.


Part of hiring the right person, means finding out the most you can about a potential employee's values and work ethic. With social media, small businesses have more opportunity than ever to learn about their potential employee's hobbies and interests. Check out a previous post to learn more about how social media is transforming the hiring process.

An article from Small Business Trends offers some hiring wisdom for small businesses:

If you’re ready to hire, take time to do it right, otherwise you risk hiring the wrong person (a costly mistake). Outline what you want in an employee, as well as what his responsibilities will include, then carefully craft the job description. Get your interview panel together, including people who will work directly with the person you hire, and interview as many qualified candidates as you have. You’ll be working with this employee for the foreseeable future, so give gravity enough to the decision making process. Online Jobs Information

As an employer, you risk bumbling the hiring process right from the interview. Beware asking questions that don’t really help you understand a candidate’s skill level and work ethic, and don’t do all the talking. And while sure, there are less exciting components to working for you (like those 12 hour work weekends), don’t downplay them to try to win over the candidate. Be candid about the good and the bad, and you’ll be more likely to hire the right person…and keep her. US News Money

Read the entire article here.

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