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Honor Flight Brings Closure and Reunites America's Veterans

Apr 1, 2014

In 2004, Earl Morse was struggling with unrealized dreams—but not his own, those of his patients.

The retired Air Force Captain was working at a small Department of Veterans Affairs clinic in Springfield, OH as a physician’s assistant. His patients, many of whom were World War II veterans, expressed a desire to go to the then-new memorial in Washington, D.C., but the physical and financial hurdles of the trip were too great.

5 Technologies That Will Change the World

Mar 20, 2014

Creative destruction: it's what drives the economy and remakes the world in unpredictable ways. Often it's the result of a technological breakthrough, such as the telegraph. Sometimes it's a more subtle development, involving the bringing together of disparate elements in new ways, such as the assembly line. What they have in common is entrepreneurial talent, grit, and hard work that get new ways of doing things across the finish line.

Here are five technologies that are remaking the world right now.

Why TV Networks Don’t Mind If You’re Distracted By Your Phone

Apr 4, 2014

How often have you watched a TV show and wanted to look something up about an actor or find out more about a scene while you watch?

So has Zane Vella. As the former software developer sees it, timeline-based metadata is the “missing ingredient” from the consumer viewing experience.

Vella came up with the idea of building a cloud-based platform that would let TV networks and other content providers power interactivity through apps to further engage consumers while they watch shows, movies and commercials.

8 Herb Kelleher Quotes That Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Life

Mar 21, 2014

Herb Kelleher is a colorful guy. The industry revolutionizing, straight talking, Wild Turkey swilling founder of Southwest Airlines is famous for creating his business plan on the back of a cocktail napkin and transforming the airline from three jets to the country’s largest low-fare carrier—with 41 straight years of profitability to boot.

Along the way, he has learned a thing or two about leadership and life. Here are 8 of our favorite Kelleher quotes:

Seattle Business Dines Out on Food Truck Website

Apr 11, 2014

Seattle, Washington. 

11:45 a.m.

You’re mid-way through an email when the rumbling starts and the daily dilemma returns: What do you eat for lunch today?                                          

You could hit one of the food trucks—four-wheeled champions of the midday meal—but where and when are they serving? Seattle residents Lucretia and Mark Worster decided to answer that question with

5 Ways Food Trucks Prove We're Overregulated

Mar 14, 2014

Food trucks have spread across the country like a prairie fire in recent years, bringing new tastes to the adventurous palate. It began as a relatively small phenomenon limited to hipster enclaves such as Portland, parts of L.A., and New York. Now reality TV showcases the trend, and why not? It's a great story about plucky young entrepreneurs with a vision.

The European Example: Rethinking Government-Run Health Care

Mar 12, 2014

Since the launch of Obamacare, Americans have begun to witness the reality of what more government intervention in the health care system means—burdensome mandates, tax increases, punitive fines, and heavy regulations.

Yet at the same time Obamacare has created an expanded federal role in health care, other countries that have been operating government-run health programs for decades are furiously seeking to reform their dysfunctional and financially unsustainable systems before they unravel.

What One Man Learned Driving 12,000 Miles of the American Road

Mar 11, 2014

Last fall, Dan McNichol, author and infrastructure expert, packed up a beat-up 1949 Hudson and hit the road for his Dire States tour. When we caught up with McNichol during his tour-ending stop in Washington, D.C., he shared with us what motivated him to drive across the country and back, what he saw, and what he learned.

Ben Clarke on Ohio: Don't Just Be the Cheap Alternative, Be the Best

Mar 12, 2014

Ben Clarke has made an investment in his home state of Ohio. After graduating from Ohio State University, he questioned if he should head for one of the coasts, but ultimately decided he wanted to remain in the Buckeye State. "I made an absolute decision that I would not leave the state of Ohio," Clarke told 

Reversing the LeBron Effect: Cleveland Looks to Attract Young Talent

Mar 11, 2014

When LeBron James seized the national stage to declare his intention to depart for the bright lights and sun of Miami, the 2010 media spectacle known as “The Decision” encapsulated one of the biggest challenges facing the Rust Belt city inside of one (excessively long) 75-minute broadcast.

5 Quotes From Women Who Are Changing the World

Feb 28, 2014

How do we empower girls and women around the world? The answers do not come easy, but five influential women, all of whom will be speaking at the Chamber's Corporate Citizenship Center International Women's Day event at the United Nations next week, have done inspiring work in making the world a better and safer place for women. Here are some of our favorite quotes. 


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