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Chamber Testifies on Regulatory Flexibility Act

Nov 30, 2007

Federal agencies have taken advantage of the "flexibility" in the Regulatory Flexibility Act and it's up to Congress to close loopholes and clarify terms that have led to agencies avoiding requirements of the act, the Chamber's Director of Labor Law Policy Marc Freedman told the House Small Business Committee on December 6. "If we are serious about keeping our small businesses competitive, we must make sure this act has the impact Congress intended," Freedman said.

Personal Income, Consumption on the Rise

Nov 30, 2007

December 4, 2007—Both personal income and consumption rose 0.2% in October. The GDP grew 4.9% in the 3rd quarter and has increased 2.8% on a year-ago basis. New home sales increased 1.7% while sales of existing homes fell 1.2%. Both new and existing home sales are down significantly compared to last year. Last, durable goods orders declined an unexpected 0.4% in October.

Oil Tax Waiver, Family Leave Bill

Nov 30, 2007

City Officials Consider Request for Oil Tax Waiver

The Juneau Assembly is considering a request by the Juneau Chamber of Commerce to consider a temporary city sales tax exemption for fuel oil sold during a 90-day window in light of currently high oil prices. If renewed, the relief could equal a $450,000 subsidy to residential and business customers during the three month window, a chamber official said.
Source: Juneau Empire

Congress Returns to Full Legislative Agenda

Nov 30, 2007

As Congress returns from recess this week, the U.S. Chamber is urging Congress to move quickly on a series of key small business issues before the end of the year, including bills on energy, taxes, and trade. A vote on a compromise energy bill is expected on the House floor as early as Wednesday. In the Senate, members will begin debate on a House-passed trade promotion agreement with Peru.

HHS Secretary Announces Safety Agreement During Chamber Speech

Nov 30, 2007


Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt spoke at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Washington D.C. headquarters yesterday and announced that the United States will sign an agreement with China next week on safety standards for imported food, animal feed, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. The agreement will require China to produce these imports in accordance with American safety and quality standards, Leavitt said.

Administration Announces Plans to Modify No-Match Rule

Oct 31, 2007

The Bush Administration announced plans this week revise its Social Security "no-match" letter regulation. In addition, the administration said it will suspend its legal defense of the regulation and is asking a federal judge to delay ruling in a lawsuit brought by the Chamber and other business and labor groups until a final rule could be rewritten.

Supreme Court Takes Up Business Cases

Oct 31, 2007
from NCLC

The Supreme Court last week agreed to take up two Chamber-supported challenges that could have far reaching implications for the business community.

The first is a review of a case involving a California law that prohibits employers from using money they get from the state on anti-union activities. The Chamber argues that the state law interferes with employers' statutory right under the National Labor Relations Act to communicate freely with employees concerning the pros and cons of union organizing.

It's Time to Wake Up to Climate Change

Oct 31, 2007

On Dec. 5, the Senate will try to move the Lieberman-Warner Climate Bill through committee and to the Senate floor. If this bill becomes law, 3.4 million Americans will lose their jobs. American GDP will decline by $1 trillion, and American consumers will be forced to pay as much as $6 trillion to cope with carbon constraints.

View the new U.S. Chamber video OPPOSING the Lieberman-Warner Climate Bill.

Minimum Wage, Immigration, Layoff Season

Oct 31, 2007

Officials Refute Job Licensing Report

State officials are disputing a report that found that Arkansas ranks fifth in the number of occupations that require state licenses. According to the report by the Reason Foundation, a tax-exempt libertarian group, Arkansas requires licenses for more than 100 occupations. But officials for several state agencies said the licenses protect consumers and public health and safety. They also suggested that the report overstates the number of licenses Arkansas requires.

Automated Marketing Coming

Nov 30, 2007

Small Businesses to Benefit

Ramesh A. Lakshmi-Ratan, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Direct Marketing Association

Marketing technology is not new. In 1440, Johann Gutenberg started the ball rolling. And ever since, business owners have been searching for tools to help them reach customers more quickly, efficiently, and directly.


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