Improving Website Keywords Helps Online Visibility

Apr 10, 2012

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an art form, balancing the accurate portrayal of website content with the complicated and evolving algorithms of search engines. It is obvious that effective operations online rely on website visibility, but what is not so obvious are the right keywords to offer that visibility. Fortunately, Entrepreneur has some advice for website owners looking to crack the code.

Consider Search Volume and Competition: Two aspects to identifying a good keyword are search volume and competition. Volume indicates how many online readers are searching a specific word. Generally, the bigger the volume, the better. But site owners should also consider the level of competition on words and phrases. “Small business,” for example, is highly competitive, as there are many sites online talking about the subject of small business. Website owners want to find the right mix of keywords that are at once often searched while also specific enough to limit competition.

Incorporate Research: Site owners do not have to guess at the right keyword balance; there are online tools that can help, such as Google's free Adwords Keyword Research Tool. In addition to a suggested list of keywords based on a website topic or product, these tools help reveal data on keywords and search trends, which give insight into the most effective keywords. Entrepreneur's AJ Kumar writes, "As you research keywords and integrate them into your site, you should start to see a pattern in terms of the ideal mix of search volume and competitiveness." 

Integrate Keywords Across Site: With a list of primary keywords, site owners should integrate the terms and phrases into different aspects of the site. One area is content – keywords should be used not only on the primary website pages but also on the more dynamic, frequently changing areas of a site, such as a blog or research page. Keywords should also be incorporated in the site’s HTML code, including the title, heading, and meta tags.

Read the full article for more information on optimizing website keywords.

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