Cincinnati's Startup Bus on the Road to SXSW

Mar 7, 2012

The South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, is top of mind for entrepreneurs interested in cutting-edge tech innovation. What is not usually top of mind is Cincinnati, Ohio. Entrepreneur Chris Ostoich, founder and CEO of startup BlackBookHR, hopes that will change with the selection of Cincinnati as one of 10 cities chosen to hop on a StartupBus to South by Southwest this week.

Ostoich is among 30 Ohio entrepreneurs and developers (they call themselves “Buspreneurs”) making the 72-hour drive, during which they will have to come up with a startup idea they can present at SXSW. Ostoich is sharing the experience with regular updates to the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Enter Change blog:

We’ve been on the bus 45 minutes and each Buspreneur was asked to get up, introduce themselves, and give a 60-second pitch on an idea that they wanted to work on during this trip.  After an hour of deliberation, and some spirited conversation, teams formed around concepts that rose to the top. 

This kind of high-pressure development is a growing trend. From Facebook’s regular hackathons to newer endeavors like BeMyApp (recently covered by Wired Magazine), the StartupBus is the latest tech infatuation to garner as much buzz and media coverage as SXSW itself.

Ostoich hopes that the StartupBus venture will draw attention to Cincinnati’s growing technology startup industry, which has generated over $326 million in revenues and created more than 1,300 jobs.

To read more about the StartupBus and get updates on the group’s trip, visit the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Enter Change blog.

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