Let Small Businesses Drive Growth and Create Jobs

May 21, 2012

American small business men and women have a lot of balls in the air. For most, every day is a juggling act of balancing the books, keeping track of inventory, managing staff and payroll, handling their own IT challenges, and more. These multitasking, enterprising individuals are driving our recovery and creating good jobs for U.S. workers.

This week, add advocacy to the to-do list. Hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs from across the country are gathered in Washington for America’s Small Business Summit, and thousands more are participating online and through social media. During the Chamber’s summit, participants are lobbying lawmakers and getting the latest on the legislative and regulatory developments impacting their companies.

It’s never been more important for small businesses to make their voices heard in Washington. They face a slew of obstacles—not the least of which is uncertainty. On top of the typical challenges of operating a business, they must negotiate an impossibly complex tax code, miles and miles of regulatory red tape, and a broken legal system. America’s ballooning debt and the looming entitlements crisis only compound the pressure and add to the uncertainty.

Against these odds, small businesses are still out there getting the job done. They are taking risks, brainstorming new products and services, working hard, and making things happen. They are leading us out of this difficult economic time. But Washington could give America’s job creators a hand by passing pro-growth policies to modernize the tax code, reform our legal and regulatory systems, and restore fiscal sanity to government.

There isn’t always a lot of glory in owning and operating a small business. The hours are long, the list of challenges even longer, and there are obstacles to overcome every single day. But the rewards are equally great—being your own boss, giving people the dignity of work, and, if you’re lucky, turning a profit.

More than that, small businesses are living proof of the power of free enterprise. Every day a mom-and-pop operation hangs the “OPEN” sign in their store front, an entrepreneur makes a new sales pitch, or an online vendor does business in a vibrant Internet marketplace, they are signaling that the American dream is alive and at work in this country.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce stands strong with the small businesses of America. Together, we are calling on Washington to lighten the burden and to let small businesses do what they do best—drive economic growth and create American jobs.

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