Six Steps to Job Creation: Recap

Sep 21, 2011

These posts originally appeared in ChamberPost, the official blog of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

6 Steps to Create Jobs Here is a recap of Chamber's Six Steps You Can Take to Create Millions of Jobs -- Starting NOW:

Buried Under the Regulatory Pile

Imagine standing inside a giant hourglass with sand falling down on you. Little by little the small pile grows bigger. A few grains fall on top of a few other grains. You don't notice the heap until it towers over you. Our regulatory system is like that. At the beginning, a few well-meaning, commonsense rules make our lives better. But over time the rules pile up... read more.

The Welcome Mat to More Jobs

Whether drawn to the United States by the white sandy beaches of Florida's Gulf Coast, the crisp air of the ski slopes in the Rockies, or the buzz of international commerce in Chicago or New York, foreign travelers to America support millions of U.S. businesses and workers. One of the six steps Congress and the President can do to create jobs now is to remove obstacles that discourage more foreign visitors from coming to America... read more.

Energy: A Job Creating Home Run

Remember playing softball and the pitcher tossed you a pitch that floated so perfectly towards you and looked like such a big target that you couldn't help but hit it over the fence? When it comes to something that could create jobs, our leaders in Washington have a pitch coming at them that they could crush: letting American businesses and workers develop more domestic energy, which is part of the Chamber's six steps to spur faster job growth... read more.

Creating Jobs by Rebuilding America

The president’s jobs plan calls for tens of billions of dollars of additional investment in roads, rails, and airports and $10 billion in seed money for a new national infrastructure bank. We’re encouraged that the president recognizes the need to modernize the nation’s aging infrastructure. Infrastructure investment is a component of the Chamber's six-point jobs plan... read more.

Not THAT Kind of "Trade" 

I'm distracted today. You see, the NFL starts its regular season tonight with my team, the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers hosting the New Orleans Saints. When "trade" pops in my mind today, I'm wondering who the Packers got from another team to beef up the depth to their offensive line... read more.

Tax Policy: Put History into Practice

Here’s a quick history lesson. Calvin CoolidgeJohn Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan all have something in common besides being president. All three understood that lowering taxes spurs economic growth. Growth is exactly what’s needed to put 14 million currently unemployed back to work... read more.

Read the Chamber’s open letter to Congress and the President. Then leave a comment letting us know how you would create jobs.

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