Show Your Support for the Keystone XL Pipeline Today

Oct 7, 2011

The U.S. Department of State is interested in what you have to say about the Keystone XL pipeline project. White House officials intend to meet today to openly discuss and weigh the pros and cons of its adoption. The official White House announcement explains, "The purpose of the meeting is to give individuals an opportunity to voice their views on whether granting or denying a presidential permit for the pipeline would be in the U.S. national interest.” The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has always advocated that we must invest in domestic energy production to support our growing energy demand and reduce our dependency on foreign oil. The planned Keystone XL pipeline would safely transport 700,000 barrels per day of crude oil from Canada, Montana, the Dakotas, and Oklahoma to U.S. refiners in Texas. The project would ultimately create 250,000 essential jobs and inject $20 billion into the U.S. economy.

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An article from United Press International reports:

Those who can't attend the meeting have until Sunday to submit written opinions.

Canadian pipeline company TransCanada wants to build the Keystone XL pipeline to carry oil from tar sands projects in Alberta, Canada, to refineries along the southern U.S. coast.

The project has become the centerpiece of the debate over the U.S. energy mix. Critics of the pipeline have a long list of complaints, including the potential threat to underground water aquifers and migratory bird pathways. Tar sands oil also lingers in the environment longer than conventional crude.

We highly encourage you to get involved in this conversation by signing the petition here to show your support for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

You can also write in to the Department of State and share your sentiments. The official White House release informs interested parties that the:

DOS will also accept written comments beginning on the date the final EIS is issued (August 26, 2011). In order to ensure that comments are processed and considered before the decision is made on the permit application, all comments must be submitted by midnight on October 9, 2011 (Washington D.C. time).

Comments can be submitted by the following methods:

As noted above, in order for comments to be considered they must be submitted by midnight on October 9, 2011 (Washington D.C. time).

Permitting the Keystone XL Pipeline is vital to creating jobs, encouraging America’s energy independence, and boosting our struggling economy. Show your support today!

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