Energy, Health Care, Regs Debated

May 2, 2012


There is something sick about people who love to control other people with regulations. —Betty Hickman via Facebook

Too many businesses have been regulated right out of business. The only way to make it go is to go underground. Many businesses that have been run out run just as well under the table. The term “crooked as a politician”—many businesses will end up operating much the same. What a great Congress we have … not! —Dave Haufe  via Facebook

Health Care

Thank you! We know already [health care] is costing us more and will probably go higher. Obama’s policies continue to secure the end of the middle class. —Sandra Thornton @2SouthernBell3m via Twitter

When I was a project manager in manufacturing, we established one rule that everyone bought into: Get it right the first time to save costs and time and effort. The health care bill was pushed through—forced through at breakneck speed. Now, Dems are admitting it needs a lot of work. How much will this health care bill cost before it breaks down the economy? How many times will the cost be passed on to consumers? There is no way of knowing. —Mona Gallagher via Facebook

This piece of legislation needs to be repealed. Most of Congress voted on this without taking the time to read it and get to know what was included. Now, they’re too ashamed to admit that they voted on something when they didn’t know what they were voting on. Good ol’ know nothing Congress.—George Childs  via Facebook

It is still beyond my comprehension why any congressman would vote for something that he has not read and does not fully understand. If you don’t know what you are voting for, it is best to vote no rather than yes on something that is not only unconstitutional but a monstrosity of a bill that most people are against. There is already medical care for disadvantaged people. Any county hospital emergency room or walk-in clinic affiliated with the county hospital will provide health care and allow you to set up affordable monthly payments to pay the bill. People can also get an indigent write-off if their expenses are more than they can afford. —Steelgrits via

Yeah, “Obamacare” isn’t great, but it only exists because the Republicans blocked real change. The only way to bring down prices and provide better health outcomes is a single-payer health care system. —franklin110 via


Energy should be part of the Defense Department, and a major overall plan needs to be developed that includes “all of the above,” and it should not be controlled by the EPA.—AMCRADIO via

Our approach to energy production and management should be balanced with every option on the table, including coal. There are no villains here. It is the EPA’s job to look after the environment in a way that moves us into the future based upon a realistic plan devoid of political pressure from any group. —Jim Nunneley via

I agree totally with the EPA’s position. CO² and mercury emissions need to be regulated, as the industry certainly won’t do so on its own. Climate change is the greatest challenge this planet will face this century, and trying to restrict the greatest contributor to greenhouse gases is the morally correct thing to do. We need to accelerate the move to green and renewable energy and the large number of jobs it creates. —wrvick via

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