Preventing Entrepreneurs from Dropping Out

May 2, 2011

Harvard University recently announced its selection of Gordon Jones to direct its new Harvard Innovation Center slated to open next fall. Harvard hopes to create a broad program that mentors entrepreneurs and helps them achieve more while still in school than they could on their own. Ultimately they want Gordon Jones to prevent the next Mark Zuckerberg from dropping out.

Open to both undergrads and graduate students, the Harvard Innovation Center hopes to expand the definition of entrepreneurialism to include all fields, rather than just the tech industry. Their motives appear to be authentic and genuine. According to Fast Company, the center will not take a cut from student entrepreneurs or lay claim on their patents, but rather  provide support and guidance.

We had to ask: Do entrepreneurs really have to stay at Harvard? There's this one guy we heard about who made his fortune by dropping out of Harvard. "I think for every Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard believes there are a number of graduates producing innovation," Jones said. Whether the new Center would help hang onto the next Zuckerberg isn't the question: "I'm not so sure it's so tactical as hanging on," says Jones of the center's mission, "but about supporting the many entrepreneurs that exist today."

Read more on Fast Company.

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