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Feb 27, 2013

Small Businesses Puzzle Over Tax Strategy – [The Wall Street Journal] Many small business owners say they might change the way their businesses are structured in order to pay less tax.

Entrepreneurs Building Momentum, Changing Tactic in Pursuit of Immigration Reform – [The Washington Post] Using various Internet platforms, a collection of entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders are launching a “virtual march” later this spring to round up and educate Washington about the economic appeal of high-skilled immigrants.

Angels in America: A Look at Angel Investment Growth Across the U.S. (Infographic) – [Entrepreneur] According to an Investor Pitches infographic, angel investments have created 106,400 new jobs in 2012, which is four jobs per angel investment.

Texas Dominates the Best Cities for Good Jobs – [Forbes] Dallas, whose job growth increased by 2.1% last year and is projected to continue adding jobs at a 2.8% rate through 2019, is this year’s top city in which to find a job.

Small Firms Plan for Stronger Economy – [The Wall Street Journal] Small business owners saw a significant boost this month in optimism about the U.S. economy’s future, with 35% of owners expecting the economy to improve in 2013.

5 Indicators of Future Business Success – [Inc. Magazine] Looking for a way to measure future success, two businessmen developed five measures to use as leading indicators of the health of their business.

How to Create an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Strategy for your Small Business – [YFS Magazine] Using integrated marketing communication principles will help a business target and deliver a message to customers that is both clear and compelling.

The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Local – [Fast Company] The world’s most innovative companies include Target, Foursquare, American Express, and Perka.

The Next Big Thing in Crowdfunding: In-Person Events – [Young Entrepreneur] Through crowdfunding in-person events, creators have the opportunity to share their story, get feedback, and speak with backers directly.

U.S. Unions, Business Agree on Guidelines for Low-Skilled Visas – [Reuters] Last week, the AFL-CIO and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce agreed on principles for revamping the low-skilled worker visa program.

Unlock US Energy Potential: Offshore Oil and Gas – [Energy Collective] By developing oil and natural gas offshore in our untapped outer continental shelf, there is the potential to create 465,000 new jobs. 

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