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Feb 20, 2013

Other Countries Court Skilled Immigrants Frustrated by U.S. Visa Laws – [The Washington Post] While other countries are actively recruiting foreign-born U.S. graduates, the United States has strict limits on visas for highly skilled workers that often put them on waiting lists of many years, forcing them to take their job-creating businesses elsewhere.

Obama Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order, Raising Regulatory Concerns – [The Daily Caller] President Obama signed a cybersecurity executive order last week that raises constitutional and regulatory concerns.

From Today's Report on Industrial Production: Crude Oil Output reached a 20-Year High in January – [AEI-Ideas] According to a recent Federal Reserve report, one of the strongest growth sectors in January was the production of crude oil, which rose to the highest level since December 1992.

6 Reasons for You to Love Small Businesses – [Small Business Trends] Small business owners and entrepreneurs work tirelessly, spur job growth, and are great at building relationships, just a few of the reasons why people love small businesses.

9 Tech Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets to Success – [Entrepreneur] Through interviews with some of the industry’s most significant players, Entrepreneur provides a list of what a tech innovator needs in order to find success in business.

Will the S.E.C. Kill Crowdfunding? – [Forbes] Crowdfunding has the power to give job creators access to more capital and to infuse local dollars into local economies, yet the S.E.C. has stalled on its rulings.

Expanding Market Presence: Local Community Resources Can Help Your Small Business Succeed – [YFS Magazine] Cities depend on small businesses to bring in new jobs, income, and recognition, while entrepreneurs depend on local communities for a variety of resources, creating a mutually-beneficial relationship.

10 Best Reasons to Be an Entrepreneur – [Inc. Magazine] Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council offered insight into what makes them work hard, including opportunity, freedom, and legacy.

Immigrants With Right Skills Ride U.S. Hiring Wave: Economy – [Bloomberg] The labor market is healing faster for immigrants than for U.S.-born workers as the growing economy favors those at the low and high ends of the pay scale.

The Cities Winning the Battle for the Biggest Growth Sector in the U.S. – [Forbes] Forbes and Praxis Strategy Group compiled rankings based on both long and short-term employment to determine which U.S. cities have the biggest growth in the professional services sector.

How to Find Suppliers for a New Business – [Entrepreneur] Small business owners are often tasked with finding suppliers on their own, including manufacturers, distributors, independent craftspeople, and import sources.

How Innovation Happens (And Why It Doesn’t, When It Doesn’t) – [All Things Digital] A few principles of innovation include architecting your product and ecosystem for innovation, listening to customers’ needs, and focusing on the total experience.

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