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Jan 30, 2013

Is America in Decline? – [The Washington Post] Robert J. Samuelson argues that while a recent Goldman Sachs report is true in that America’s strengths are underestimated, the United States and other affluent countries still face similar threats: welfare states are overwhelmed, economic management is breaking down, and global markets have run ahead of global politics.

Innovation: An Entrepreneur's Best Friend – [Forbes] To make innovation part of the fabric of a company, entrepreneurs must ask what customers want and create it through new or improved processes, products, or services.

Family Businesses Gear Up for Growth, But Stumbling Blocks Remain – [Small Business Trends] Although 93% of U.S. family business owners feel confident about their future growth prospects, the economy and a talent shortage are two key issues they still face in 2013.

U.S. Debt Headed Toward 200 Percent of GDP Even After ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal – [The Hill] A new report from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation found that the fiscal cliff deal only slightly delays the United States from reaching the debt-to-gross domestic product levels that would damage the economy.

The Keystone to Bringing Jobs – [Free Beacon] If recent right-to-work legislation is passed in Pennsylvania, it will be the first state in the northeast to end the longstanding practice of forcing employees to join unions and improve the state’s business climate.

Inspiration for the Downtimes – [Entrepreneur] One of the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur is to avoid comparing yourself to people who already succeeded, according to an infographic from the startup organization Funders and Founders.

The Simple Lessons Restaurants Teach Us About Making Clients Happy – [Fast Company] Three critical aspects of being a great waiter or waitress can apply to various other client service industries: stating a point of view, writing it down, and understanding that timing is everything.

Pentagon Expanding Cybersecurity Force to Protect Networks Against Attacks – [The New York Times] The Pentagon is moving toward a major expansion of its cybersecurity force to counter increasing attacks on the nation’s computer networks and expand offensive computer operations on foreign adversaries.

As World of Gadgets Grows, Online Industry Tunes in to Video Ads – [Reuters] Video is the fastest growing form of online advertising, with spending increasing 46% last year and outpacing popular formats such as search and display ads.

Consumers to Blame for Lackluster Business Spending – [Fox Business] Russ Koesterich, global chief investment strategist for BlackRock, said concern about demand from U.S. consumers is holding back business investment.

Report: More People Tracking Health via Technology – [Inc. Magazine] According to a recent Pew study, of the 69% of Americans who track their health, 21% do so using technology, providing evidence that eHealth and autoanalytics will be an industry to watch in 2013. 

VIDEO: Manufacturing: The Solution to Jobs Solutions - [CNN Money] The United States has embraced the manufacturing renaissance, setting the stage for a reversal of the percent of the U.S. economy that constitutes manufacturing, according to Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris.

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