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Jan 23, 2013

6 Ways Robots Create Jobs – [Inc. Magazine] For U.S.-based manufacturing company Marlin Steel, robots not only create jobs, but they make them safer and perform at a higher efficiency. 

The Mobile Revolution: 10 Ways to Prepare Your Business to Go Mobile – [YFS Entrepreneur Magazine] With over 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide (87% of the population), business owners must begin to understand the mobile landscape and develop a mobile strategy.

Which Kind of Entrepreneur Are You – And Why? – [Forbes] Entrepreneurs are traditionally pragmatic, passionate, or social, but there is a need for a different kind of entrepreneur who’s less concerned with what he’s doing and more concerned with who he is and who he’s becoming.

Strengthening Cross-Border Trade with Canada – [Opinion, The Hill] While the ongoing effort to strengthen the Canada-U.S. trade partnership has been a success, John Engler of the Business Roundtable and John Manley of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives write that the challenge now is to move beyond pilot projects, feasibility studies, and regulatory reviews to fuller implementation.

What's Next for the Energy, Environment, and Applied Technology Sectors in 2013? – [AOL Energy] Over the next year, researchers predict the United States will move towards a comprehensive energy policy and the natural gas sector will continue to thrive.

Small Business “To Do” Items for the Year – [Small Business Trends] To succeed in 2013, small businesses need to be up to date with technology, network with prospective clients, and seek outside advice from mentors.

President Obama’s 2nd Term and What It Means to Small Business Owners – [Fox Business] Entrepreneurs who make more than $400,000 a year will take a big tax hit, while small business owners are preparing to keep the number of full-time workers below 50 in anticipation of the “employer mandate” of the Affordable Care Act.

Persistence, Possibility, and Whether You Can Cut It As an Entrepreneur – [Fast Company] While the climate has never been better for entrepreneurs, the truth is, not everyone is born to be entrepreneur; it’s incredibly hard work.

A Year Later, Keystone XL Still a Good Decision – [The Foundry] One year after its initial permit application, President Obama will have another chance to approve the Keystone XL pipeline to create jobs and spur the economy.

This Formula Can Help You Create Innovative Thinkers – [Business Insider] CEOs of four retail firms that more than doubled their sales during the global financial crisis have three important things in common: a strong culture of experimentation, passion driven by a shared purpose, and empowered people.

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