Teen and Pharmacy Hurt by Drug Thief

Jan 6, 2012

From the Institute for Legal Reform's FacesofLawsuitAbuse.org, I found this story of a pharmacy being forced to pay $1.4 million because a teenager was permanently injured after overdosing on Xanax stolen by a former pharmacy employee. While what happened to the teen is sad, pinning the blame on the pharmacy is equally so.

Across the country, there are stories of abusive lawsuits hurting businesspeople who worry about being targets and end up making certain business decisions just to avoid frivolous lawsuits.

I hope the teen recuperates as much as is possible, but I also hope we get legal reform to prevent businesses like that pharmacy from being unfairly caught in the lawsuit abuse jetsam.

Have you or do you know someone who has been victimized by lawsuit? FacesofLawsuitAbuse.org wants your story, and also vote in their Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month poll.

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