November 2012

1998: U.S. Chamber Forms Institute for Legal Reform


Steve Case on America’s ‘Secret Sauce’

The man behind the iconic “You’ve Got Mail” reminder says he knows the “secret sauce” that built the American economy.

NAFTA at 20: Top Three Myths About the Agreement

Your Feedback: Permit Snafu, State Legal Rankings Debated

U.S. Chamber 'Won't Back Down' on Education Reform

The Chamber's Monopoly of Mediocrity tour is designed to raise awareness and motivate discussions about education reform.

Hiring Our Heroes Makes A Lasting Impact

Quick Poll Results - November 2012

In Your Corner

The Big Deal

We must rethink tax, spending, and energy policy.

Big Issues on Lame-Duck Agenda

Congress returns November 13 for an abbreviated postelection session dominated by tax and spending issues. But with just 16 working days on the congressional calendar for November and December, the outlook for progress is bleak.


The Voice of a New Generation

Entrepreneur Jason Duff takes time out of his busy schedule to act as an advocate for small businesses.