May 2013


FEEDBACK: Readers Slam Health Care Law


Speak Out! April Quick Poll Results

Eight out of 10 Quick Poll Respondents say they still don't understand how the health care law impacts them.

On the Verge of a Trade Bonanza?

The United States suddenly has a bold new trade agenda filled with ambition and possibility.

Public-Private Partnerships Needed

The United States misses the grade on infrastructure.


Raisin Farmers Take Their Case to the U.S. Supreme Court

A California couple is challenging a 64-year-old federal raisin-marketing program that can require raisin farmers to fork over to the government a portion of their crops, often for no payment or below the cost of producing the raisins.

Capital Roundup - May 2013

Franchises, Patrons Burned by Health Care Law

Obamacare is forcing restaurants to make difficult decisions on employees and prices.


Small Business of the Year Regional Finalist: Superior Service Center

Dan Sjolseth started his auto body repair business out of his three-car garage nearly 30 years ago. Today, he also has a mechanical business and operates out of a 20,000 square-foot garage.


Small Business of the Year Regional Finalist: Rich Duncan Construction Inc.

This small business participated in an Extreme Home Makeover project, helping bring together 5,000 volunteers, including 1,200 trade volunteers.


Disinterest With Interest

When we borrow money and don’t pay it back, we pay interest on our interest, a practice called negative amortization. The federal government engages in negative amortization every singe day.