January 2013

Dissecting America's Big Issues

Scholars and analysts talk about issues impacting free enterprise, the U.S. economy, and businesses.

Feedback: EPA, Buckyballs, Taxes

Readers discuss EPA overreach, the shut down of a small novelty toy maker, and D.C.'s spending problem.

Speak Out! Quick Poll Results

Over 77% of survey respondents say domestic economic issues was their biggest consideration in the last election.


Become an Advocate

Do you want to add your voice to the debate in the nation’s capital? The U.S. Chamber provides a number of ways for small businesses and local and state chambers of commerce to become involved in the public policy debate.

In Your Corner

A New Year, but Same Issues

It's time for cooperation following a divisive election.


The 3 P’s of Manufacturing Success

People. Perspective. Policies.


ECON 101: Housing: One Bright Spot

Recent growth in the housing market has played a central role in the broader economic recovery. Expect residential investment to continue its rebound through 2013.


Workplace Bullying

How to detect and protect against this occupational hazard.


Catching Up With Steve Forbes

The free market advocate is bearish on an economic turnaround.


Lost in Translation

How to communicate with your Web designer.