January 2012

In Your Corner

Good Policy Is Good Politics

We are just days into 2012 and already the demands of a frantic election season threaten to draw time, attention, and focus away from our nation’s most pressing priorities. Our country can’t afford 2012 to be a wasted year in Washington. With chronically high unemployment and a mounting deficit, a year of inaction by the administration and Congress would hold severe consequences for our sluggish economy.


The Reforming Governor

Indiana Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels isn’t running for the nation’s highest office, but that doesn’t mean he’s going away quietly.

Missed Opportunities on Energy

In a pair of recent energy policy decisions, the Obama administration erected more roadblocks to job growth and more abundant domestic energy supplies.

Supporting Women in Business

A new outreach initiative by the U.S. Chamber seeks to educate and foster opportunities for the nation’s growing number of women-owned businesses.

U.S. Chamber Celebrates 100 Years -- President Taft Inspired U.S. Chamber’s Creation

The idea to create the Chamber first took shape when President William Howard Taft, in a speech before Congress on December 7, 1911, addressed the need for a “central organization in touch with associations and chambers of commerce throughout the country and able to keep purely American interests in a closer touch with different phases of commercial affairs.”


All Together Now

Overall economic activity continues to plod along at a slow to moderate pace. Real GDP grew at a downwardly revised annualized growth rate of 2.0% in the third quarter. Since the end of the recession, the economy has grown at about a 2.5% pace, enough to just barely bring down the unemployment rate but too slow to reemploy those displaced during the downturn.


Using Video for Your Business

So you’re convinced that you need video on your small business website, but you’re not sure what the content should be. Brad Ulery of SpotKick Productions has some guidance.


January To-Do List


Why Small Businesses Stop Growing

Authors Doug and Polly White find that what most frequently stalls the growth of small companies are owners who won’t let go.

A Picture’s Worth a Lawsuit of Thousands of Dollars