February 2013


Feedback: Free Enterprise, Raisin Regulations, Energy

Readers debate free enterprise, overreaching raisin regulations, and the need for more energy development.


Speak Out! Quick Poll Results

More than 50% of Quick Poll respondents predict that the economy is heading towards another recession in 2013.


Shale of the Century

Energy boom’s ripple effect impacts many industries beyond energy, including hotels, restaurants and railroads.

In Your Corner

Energy: A Priority in the President's Second Term?

To date, “all of the above” energy strategy rhetoric has not matched policymaking.

VIDEO: Shale of the Century

Four small business owners & managers from around the country describe how fracking has bolstered their local economies and created jobs.


Your Business For Better or Worse

A plan for your business in good times and bad.

States of Disarray

Retiree, health care costs are draining state budgets.


Reinventing the Kiln

A casual comment from a neighbor led to a new design in potters kilns and the creation of Skutt Ceramic Products, a third-generation family business founded more than 50 years ago.


Bulldogs on Education

Business and chamber leaders in Fayetteville, Arkansas fought to pass a bond to build their new $93 million high school.


Ones to Watch: Key Players on Capitol Hill in 2013

Here’s a glimpse at a few key players in the 113th Congress who will have a role in determining the fate of such issues as energy development, comprehensive tax reform, and financial regulation.