December 2013

Washington's Biggest Failures in 2013

Washington lawmakers get ready to head home for the holidays, marking the end of another year of missed opportunities.

8 Ways to Improve Obamacare

Outright repeal of Obamacare is unlikely, but these eight fixes would help ease the law's burdens on employers and their employees.

10 Immigration Myths Dispelled

Despite many studies and detailed economic reports outlining the positive effects of immigration, a great deal of misinformation is being peddled by opponents of immigration reform.


FEEDBACK: Facebook Fans Define Free Enterprise, Criticize Obamacare

Businesses Excluded From Rulemaking Process

A lack of opportunity for businesses to review and comment on proposed regulations and secret deals between agencies and special interest groups are hallmarks of a broken regulatory process.


Entrepreneur Puts Chamber Lessons to Work

Robby Hill, who started his IT company while in high school, is attempting to make Florence, South Carolina, more entrepreneurial through his work on the city council.

In Your Corner

Alive and Well: America’s Entrepreneurial Edge

A new report shows that the United States is a global leader in entrepreneurship.