The Colossal New Trade Agreement You’ve Never Heard Of

Feb 22, 2013

The United States suddenly has a bold trade agenda, freighted with ambition and possibility.  Its success would reignite economic growth and generate millions of new jobs, according to a number of studies.

The U.S. trade agenda includes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which could be concluded this year.  It also features a Trans-Atlantic Partnership, a new trade, investment, and regulatory cooperation agreement to be negotiated by the United States and the European Union.  The U.S. Chamber strongly supports both.

But there’s a third contender on the scene: The International Services Agreement (ISA). Later this spring, the United States will join with nearly 50 other countries to launch negotiations for a high-standard trade agreement in services.  The countries participating generate 70% of world trade in services, so the ISA’s potential is huge.

For those new to the concept of international trade in services, the U.S. Chamber has published a new pamphlet entitled Top 10 Overlooked Facts About World Trade in Services.  Take a look:

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