Senators Offer Positive Framework for Cybersecurity

Mar 12, 2012

On Friday, the U.S. Chamber sent a letter to the Senate in support of the framework of S. 2151, the “SECURE IT Act of 2012.” The bill—sponsored by Sens. McCain, Hutchison, Chambliss, Grassley, and Murkowski, among others—charts a smart and practical vision for tackling the cybersecurity issue.

The Chamber believes that more robust cybersecurity is achievable if the public and private sectors work together to solve challenges, increase real-time cyber threat information sharing, and foster the development and deployment of innovative cybersecurity technologies.

Traditional regulatory approaches—in effect, more red tape—will hinder businesses’ efforts to stay ahead of constantly evolving cyber threats. New compliance mandates will drive up costs and redirect business resources without improving security. Business owners and operators devote significant resources toward protecting and making their computer systems resilient because it is in their overwhelming interest to do so.

The Chamber is encouraged by the bill’s nonregulatory approach to bolstering our economic and national security, and we look forward to helping lawmakers refine the bill as it moves forward.

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