House Did Its Job, Now It’s the Senate’s Turn to Repeal CLASS Act

Feb 14, 2012

You’d think that a program described as a "budget gimmick” and a "Ponzi scheme” couldn’t survive in Washington. But that's not so with the CLASS Act, the long-term health care program that is a part of the 2010 health care law.

From its birth, the CLASS' plan to take in five years of premiums before making any payments made the health care law's budget numbers look better and hid its future deficit-busting costs.

The CLASS Act’s demise took an important step earlier this month, when the House of Representatives voted to repeal it. Now, it’s up to the Senate.

“Sen. John Thune (R-SD) has been fighting to end the unsustainable program. In an op-ed that appeared in Human Events over the weekend, Thune urged the Senate to do its job:”

It is time to end the CLASS Act once and for all.  I introduced legislation last April to repeal the CLASS Act.  My bill now has 42 co-sponsors, and support is growing.  I will continue to press for a vote on my repeal legislation.  I hope that Majority Leader Reid listens to our call and allows the Senate to vote on CLASS Act repeal.

The American people have a right to know exactly where their elected officials stand on a program even the administration has deemed unworkable.

Sen. Thune writes that not getting “this zombie program off the books” means “at some point in the future there could be an attempt to resurrect it.”

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