GUEST COLUMN: We Did Build That

Jul 30, 2012

Small business owners Patty and Cal Duke.

As an independent businessman who founded my own publishing and public relations business back in 1976, I have never believed in discussing politics in a public forum...That is, until now!

I take great offense in the president's recent assertion that businesses could not have achieved success without government intervention and support. Really???

Thirty-six years ago, I left my sales center manufacturing job, bought a business license, and began to publish Chamber of Commerce guides in Georgia. Today, Cal Duke Publishing, Inc. is the longest continually-active publisher of Chamber of Commerce guides in the country. We have published 540 publications serving more than 65 communities in Georgia.

I cannot think of one time in 36 years when the government lent assistance to our firm. Trust me, we have paid more than our share of taxes while providing a valuable service to the communities we serve.

I hope and pray some of you independent and open-minded voters (regardless of party), will see the light and understand that our American free enterprise system is seriously under attack. If we continue to print money to throw at the rising debt, what kind of future will our grandchildren face? Do we really desire socialism where the government no longer adheres to the protected freedoms and values clearly defined in our American Constitution? Do we no longer want to provide for the common defense? Do we really want our country to continue being viewed by the world in a position of weakness?

Sure, our nation has other major issues as well, but as the owner of a small business, a husband, father, and grandfather, my most immediate concern is to restore America to its prior status as the land of hope, opportunity, and enterprise...A true haven for perpetuating the dream of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Is anybody out there with me?  God Bless America!

Cal Duke is publisher and CEO of Cal Duke Publishing, Inc., and his wife Patty is vice president of Operations.

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