Election-Year Politics to Take Center Stage in 2012

Jan 17, 2012

As Congress returns to Washington today, legislators face multiple major issues on economic growth­­, debt, and taxes, among other things. Tensions between Republicans and Democrats on the Hill remain high, and much of the debate in 2012 will be influenced by the upcoming congressional and presidential elections. President Obama has already said his campaign will run against a “do-nothing” Congress.

Political battles aside, there are several major issues facing Congress in 2012: finishing the payroll tax cut bill; the (continuing) debt ceiling debate; job creation bills; the Republican push for Keystone and legislation expanding domestic energy production; transportation and infrastructure; and many other pressing issues. As U.S. Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue said in his State of American Business speech last week, "2012 must not be a wasted year simply because it is an election year. There’s no justifiable reason why it should be."

Congress reached record low approval ratings, with just 11% of Americans approving of the job their legislators are doing. Do you think this Congress will be paralyzed by election-year politics, or will it be able to accomplish some of the issues detailed above?

Read more about the Congressional agenda on CNN.com by clicking here.

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