FEEDBACK: Reactions on Twitter to the Chamber's Jobs and Growth Agenda

Mar 1, 2013

Good reminder from the U.S. Chamber.—Fresno Chamber of Commerce responding to the U.S. Chamber’s tweet “International trade generates economic growth & job creation at home.”

Now this is more like it!—Ruth Nineke responding to the U.S. Chamber’s tweet “Let’s get the conversation started on an agenda for Jobs & Growth”

Higher taxes won’t help the economy much, says U.S. Chamber CEO.—Jon Street

You don’t create more taxpayers by putting additional tax burdens on the economy via Free Enterprise.—Steve Forbes

U.S. Chamber CEO Tom Donohue gave State of American Business speech stressing importance of tech.—The Software Alliance

Big immigration news today—Thomas Donohue of the U.S. Chamber announces reform as a top priority.—The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

U.S. Chamber president calls for progress on the Keystone Pipeline. Couldn’t agree more! We need it for jobs and energy independence.—Rep. Bill Johnson

The U.S. Chamber really hammered debt today at the annual State of American Business speech.—Kevin Bogardus

You’re telling me Republicans and Democrats can’t work together, but the U.S. Chamber and AFL-CIO can? Congress should take note.—Tim Devaney

The U.S. Chamber: Creating jobs is great and relevant now. In 4 years, the election will be about the inequality gap, not the unemployment rate.—Joshue Pare

Thanks, Mr. President!—Alex Holzbach responding to the U.S. Chamber’s tweet “23 million Americans are unemployed, underemployed, or have stopped looking for work”


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