What Were the Best Super Bowl Ads?

Feb 4, 2013

The Super Bowl may be the biggest day of the year for the NFL, but it’s also huge for brands and advertising firms hoping to create a commercial that imprints itself onto the public’s consciousness.

After an unscientific survey of co-workers and Twitter friends, here is my top five:

The late Paul Harvey honors farmers in this Ram truck ad.

This Jeep ad immediately after the halftime show stars Oprah Winfrey honoring U.S. troops.

Tide discovers a Joe Montana “miracle stain.”

Taco Bell shows that everyone is up for a late night of fun.

Budweiser continues to find a way to make their iconic Clydesdale pull at your heart strings. (And using a Fleetwood Mac classic doesn’t hurt either.)

But the award for the most bang-for-the-marketing-buck goes to Oreo for tweeting this clever image during the partial blackout that hit the game in the third quarter. BuzzFeed Food reports on how the brand’s marketing team was so quick to jump on the opportunity.

Don’t think my list is any good? Leave a comment. You can also vote for your favorite ad on Twitter.

For a look at Super Bowl marketing trends, read this post from the National Retail Federation's Vicki Cantrell.

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