Twitter, Twitter Everywhere, But Not a Tweet to Send?

Apr 24, 2012

Does this scenario sound familiar? You haven’t tweeted anything new in three days. You start typing something and immediately erase it. You worry you're on the brink of social media irrelevancy.

You’re not alone. Twitter block afflicts countless users daily. Don’t despair—there is help.

Sorav Jain offers 30 suggestions for stumped businesses in his recent column on Using his list as inspiration, here are some of our favorite ideas when you are 140 characters short of a tweet:

Talk about Your Business

  • Share trivia about the history of your business or industry. If you run a diner, tweet about the first diner to open in the U.S.
  • Offer industry news in addition to your company news.
  • Give tips on how to use your products or insights into your services. Need ideas on how other people might be using your product? Search it on Pinterest. You can tweet links to crafts or photos that feature items from your business or industry.  

Engage with Key Audiences

  • Follow people and send them a tweet about it, and thank those that follow you.
  • Participate in chats around relevant hashtags and consider hosting your own if you have a strong following.
  • Tap into Twitter consultants and ask for customer feedback or ideas for your business.

Capitalize on Popular Culture  

  • Reference a big event that people are talking about (think holidays, London 2012, etc.)
  • Look at trending hashtags to see if there are relevant subjects to bring your business into the conversation. Today “#MyCelebCrushIs” and “#GH” are trending. You don’t need to blush at the sight of Justin Bieber or know every cast member of General Hospital to participate, just an angle that works for your business.
  • Think about opportunities to tap into popular celebrity or sports news—would your product be useful to a Hunger Games tribute or do you have advice for the ad campaigns on Mad Men?  

Want more ideas? Click over to and bookmark the page for the next time Twitter block strikes.

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