Tips for Mompreneurs – Growing a Business and Raising a Family

Mar 21, 2012

Innovative ideas are borne out of challenges and life experiences, and few roles in life are more challenging than being a parent. For mothers with entrepreneurial ambitions, Sandy Abrams, founder and CEO of Moisture Jamzz, Inc., offers tips in The Huffington Post on how to start a business and help it grow and succeed, while also being a mother. Drawing from the experiences of Kimberley Clayton Blaine, a parenting expert, author, mother, and entrepreneur, Abrams shares what she learned for “mompreneurs” to get ahead in the business world.

Mompreneurs can leverage social media and other digital tools to launch a business, enabling them to succeed as a business owner while also raising children.

In the digital age, social media and online tactics are critical for business success. To effectively engage in this important area, mompreneurs should not delay in creating online social media presences and sharing content via social networks. When using social media and other digital efforts, it is important to not only promote one’s business but also engage in dialogue with other social media users. This expands one’s network – and consequently, social media visibility – and also helps social media users connect with the business owner on a more personal level. The breakdown for Twitter use is offered as 60% conversation with others, 20% promotional content, and 20% connecting with people as friends, according to Blaine. And to gauge the effectiveness of one’s online efforts, it is important to track reader statistics and website metrics.

“Our children bring us creativity, but to be fruitful and scale a business, we have to carve out time where we can work during the day.”

As Blaine shares with Abrams, building and running a business is time consuming. For mothers, the challenge is finding the balance between entrepreneurial activity and raising children. Some successful mompreneurs keep strict working hours, closing the business when it is time to focus on their families. This can work to a mompreneur’s advantage, as clients may read a firm commitment to her family as signs of integrity and caring, which can encourage new and ongoing business.

Read the full story for more tips on starting a business while raising a family.

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