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Apr 20, 2012

Facebook Pages recently moved to a format that will help businesses and organizations better express their identities. Here are some tips to optimize your Page and to feature content that helps you keep connecting and telling your story in an authentic and engaging way: 

  • Upload an Eye-Catching Cover Photo: The Cover Photo is the first thing people see when they visit your Page, so use it to capture the culture and essence of your brand or to compellingly showcase your products. A great example is Lexus first cover photo, which featured its new futuristic 2+2 coupe LF-LC concept vehicle. That photo generated substantial media buzz for Lexus and helped generate a 200% increase in unique page views on launch day. 
  • Use a Clearly Branded Profile Picture: Your profile picture is the best spot to visually identify your business. It represents your Page on other parts of Facebook as a thumbnail image (e.g., in Ads or News Feed), so use a high-quality image (e.g., a logo) that people associate with your brand.
  • Add Milestones and Highlights: You can highlight content on your Page timeline so that fans can easily find it and engage it even after it no longer appears in News Feed. Use Milestones to define key moments in your company’s history. Your company’s founding, a move to a bigger office, a big product launch—share these milestones so that your fans can interact with your company beyond the present. Red Bull, for example, created “Timeline Timewarp,” a scavenger hunt contest that led fans through its brand history, resulting in increased interaction with the new milestones it included in the Page timeline.  
  • Pin” a Post a Week: For maximum visibility, anchor a post or story to the top of your Page for up to seven days. TurboTax—in the middle of its craziest month—used pinned posts to ensure that its fans saw updated FAQs. This resulted in 257% more Likes and 100% more comments than average.
  • Arrange Views and Apps: Your photos and custom apps—content that used to be linked on the left side of your Page—appears under your Cover Photo in thumbnails so that you can reorder anytime. You can also create custom images for these boxes. Sprinkles Cupcakes is a great example of a business that uses custom photos and apps.
  • Manage Your Page: You can easily manage your Page through the Admin Panel, which gives you a high-level dashboard for editing content, tracking and responding to new activity, and viewing Page Insights. It’s also easier than ever to switch back and forth between using Facebook as your Page and using your personal profile.



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