Infographic: Colleges Teach Entrepreneurship 101

Jan 4, 2013

Although some believe you cannot teach entrepreneurship, several universities are attempting to prove them wrong. 

Top schools have adapted their curricula by offering more courses on entrepreneurship, and they’re encouraging innovation by adding contests and awards pitched to young visionaries.

Along those lines, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Campaign for Free Enterprise is looking for two people ready to take on the Best Summer Job in America, an all expenses paid, 15-city tour of America. If you believe strongly in American business, the principles of free enterprise, and policies that empower entrepreneurs and small businesses, we encourage you to apply. 

This infographic from Intuit makes sense of the trend, and shows you which colleges and graduate schools Entrepreneur magazine named as the top 5 best colleges for entrepreneurs.

How colleges are offering more opportunities to entrepreneurs
via: Give It The Old College Try [Infographic]


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