INFOGRAPHIC: The 2012 Small Business Retrospective

Jan 18, 2013

National small business employment came full circle in 2012, but there's definitely room for improvement in 2013, according to Intuit’s inaugural 2012 Employment and Revenue Summary Report

The employment rate began a monthly decline in April before bottoming out in September and reversing course through the end of the year. December small business employment exceeded its January level by 0.12%, a rise of 24,000 jobs over the year.

The hiring rate that fell steadily through the recession bottomed out in 2009, and has continued to hover at a monthly rate of approximately 5.5%. The change in hiring over 2012 was minimal, decreasing by 2% from January to December.

The infographic below illustrates the reports highlights, as well as some state-specific statistics. 

How did your small business do in 2012? Tell us in the comments section. 

How Did Small Business Perform in 2012? [INFOGRAPHIC]
via: How Did Small Business Perform in 2012? [INFOGRAPHIC]


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