Feedback: Free Enterprise, Raisin Regulations, Energy

Jan 31, 2013

FreeEnterprise on Twitter

The economy may be going down the tube, but nothing will kill free enterprise —@david_a_george via Twitter

Limited government and Free Enterprise are paths to a stronger economy and real job growth. Inform your elected officials of this.—@charlevoix2 via Twitter

It’s not okay to raise taxes to increase gov’t revenue while killing off Free Enterprise. Fiscal Cliff —@canuck4liberty via Twitter

Government Regulation of Raisin Production

 My family and I are raisin growers. Sometimes we have to BUY back our OWN RAISINS from the government in order to make a shipment expediently.—Rich Benzler via Facebook

 Let’s have politicians hand over half their income and property every year until they balance the budget!—Cliff McNair via Facebook

 It just goes to show how far out of control our government is and for how long it has been so.— Susan Kochevar via Facebook

 If the price of raisins reflects that half of the crop is “given” away, that means we have been and are now paying at least twice what we should have to pay. Also, if the Hornes prevail in their suit, all farmers for the past 80 years will be entitled to be repaid by our government for what has been stolen from them. —Rayna Werth via

 Between the environmental people, the drug people, the FEMA people, the ATF people, the ground and surface water people, the “save the fish” people, and the tax people, why would anyone want to even bother trying to produce anything? —Nathan Cary via

Energy Development

 The coal, oil, natural gas, and mining industries would provide hundreds of thousands of jobs, and everything related to it would prosper. This administration is purposely destroying our economy. A third grader can figure this out. Why wouldn’t we develop and sell our natural resources?—Kevin Egly via Facebook

 People better understand that we have a president who wishes to curtail our domestic energy resources. He has a war on coal, has stopped the oil supply pipeline from Canada, has done everything he can to slow or stop drilling in the Gulf, and is doing everything he can to stop fracking, which has opened up immense resources.—Kim Olson via

 Natural gas can be consumed so much more efficiently than is being done today. Our country is so focused on increasing electrical energy efficiency and using renewable energy to produce more electricity, but there is no direction to increase natural gas energy efficiency.—Sid Abma via

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