Facebook Marries Marketing and Sales for Small Businesses

Mar 16, 2012

For many small business owners, Facebook has become more than just a social network that allows them to promote their brand and products to fans; it is a platform where hundreds of thousands of small businesses are successfully selling products, providing customers with a true one-stop shop.

Free ecommerce applications allow for companies to create “storefronts” to test the waters of social media selling with unlimited product views on expanded shopping pages, secure network payment processing, analytics, and inventory management. According to a survey by Payvment, a company that provides a Facebook ecommerce platform, more than a third of the 100,000 respondents reported having used Facebook Ads to promote their storefronts. Nearly 70% of that group said they plan to use Facebook Ads again, citing customer acquisition (68%), ability to start and stop campaigns (60%), and targeting capabilities (60%) as their top reasons.

While 84% of the surveyed sellers are actively marketing their Facebook storefronts and products on Facebook, many are using a wide variety of online marketing channels, including their company websites, Twitter, Google Ads, and email marketing. The survey highlighted the versatile nature of Facebook that allows small companies to both market and sell products in one place.

For the full Fox Business article on the Facebook storefronts survey, click here.

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