The Best Apps for iPads and Tablets

May 8, 2012

Business owners discuss the apps they feel are most useful for their business.

Caroline Green, IvanExpert

“Keynote is like PowerPoint for Macs, and uses presentation software. You can make a PowerPoint presentation on your computer, put it on your iPad, and use the iPad to actually give the presentation. We’ve used the app and connected it to a projector, which was really cool.”

Find My iPad
“Find My iPad allows you to wipe your device remotely—erasing your data and restoring the iPad to its factory settings—from your phone or other computer. If you know you’ve lost it, or you know someone’s stolen it, you can wipe it.”

“1Password keeps track of all your login passwords. I use it to sync all my work files between my work computer and my home computer. And then when I’m traveling, if I need to pull up any one of those work files on my iPad, I can do it.”

Stephen Jackson, RDZ Media Group, LLC
“SkyGrid is my number one news source. I haven’t bought a newspaper in over eight months because everything I need to know I get right from SkyGrid. I have companies who I can follow, and any time there’s any news about these companies, those articles come up.”

“Huddle is a project management type of application that allows us to share documents. It allows us to share milestones and deliverables. I can assign tasks to anybody, any staff member who has gone into Huddle.”

“I use the Quickoffice app to write and edit sales proposals, manage production budgets, and do business presentations—things I used to use a netbook for.”

Amos Winbush III, CyberSynchs
“We have Skype meetings with some of our partners in Central and South America, which is just so much easier to do on an iPad than it is even on a computer.”

“HeyTell is kind of like a chirping app. If your team is out and you’re inside the office, you can go into that app, and you automatically get in contact with them without having to pick up the phone and call or send a text message.”

“Bump is a really great app because I don’t do business cards. It’s kind of antiquated. With Bump, you can bump your iPhones together, or your Blackberry and your Android devices together, and all of your contact information will then be sent to that other device.”

Michelle Court is the associate editor at The New York Enterprise Report. She can be reached at

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