Washington Post and Business Owners Back Keystone XL Pipeline

Jan 24, 2013

By approving a new route through Nebraska, Governor Dave Heineman pulled the Keystone XL pipeline back into the news. The permit approval ball is now in the administration's court. 

In an editorial today, the Washington Post supports building the Keystone XL pipeline:

The issue is coming back, and the president has even less reason to nix the project than he did last time. After years of federal review, there was little question last year that construction of the pipeline, which would transport heavy, oil-like bitumen from Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico coast, should proceed. Thousands of miles of pipeline already crisscross this country. An environmental analysis had concluded that the risks of adding this new stretch were low. An economic review had found that Canada would get its bitumen to the world market — if not via pipeline to the gulf, then very likely by ship to China. Supply would make it to demand, one way or another.

In an interview with Fox Business, Jerry Taylor of the Cato Institute added"[Crude from Canadian oil sand] is being produced, and it is being shipped. It's just being shipped by rail instead of pipeline."

There's also support for the pipeline from business owners in a number of states. Members of the Partnership to Fuel America from nine states applauded Gov. Heineman for moving the project ahead:


Brandon Bullard, executive director of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce: “I was very pleased to hear there was finally some good news and progress out of Nebraska regarding the Keystone XL pipeline. I have been very impressed with the way Nebraskan’s concerns have been addressed by TransCanada and Gov. Heineman’s approval of the new route should be a sign to federal officials that this project is safe and that now is the time to move forward.” 


Pat Kiely, president and CEO, Indiana Manufacturers Association: “To ensure our energy security and reduce volatility in our energy markets, we must reduce our energy imports from unstable regions and instead develop more North American resources.  The Keystone XL pipeline project is a great example of a sensible project that would be both secure and economically stimulating for our country and benefit Hoosier businesses.” 


Joe Allen, owner, Trust Plumbing (Lansing): “I applaud the leadership Governor Heineman has shown in his decision to back the Keystone XL revised pipeline route.  This is a victory for the American economy and for our national security.  North American energy independence is the key to alleviating the heavy burden Americans share when heating their homes and fueling their vehicles, improving our economy and minimizing our dependence on the decisions of foreign dictators.  I encourage President Obama to seize this opportunity to improve and strengthen our country by approving the new Keystone pipeline route.”

Ben Shaft, president and CEO, The Mac Bench (Plymouth): “The revised Keystone pipeline route is a win-win for the American people.  It alleviates many of the environmental concerns by re-routing the pipeline around Nebraska Sand Hills and will be a lifeline of new energy reserves that will help improve our economy and limit our dependence on foreign oil.  Governor Heineman's support of the revised pipeline route was the right decision and was made with the best interests of the entire country in mind.  I support his leadership and encourage President Obama to follow his example.”

Cynthia Toll, owner, The Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Northville: “The Keystone pipeline offers far too many benefits to our country to stall this project any longer. Our dependence on foreign oil is a daily obstacle to ensuring national security, and rising gas prices hinders economic recovery and places an increasingly larger burden on average Americans.  I strongly support Governor Heineman's decision to approve the revised Keystone pipeline route and hope this critical project can be finished quickly.”


Greg Larson, owner of Larson’s Hardware Store in Redwood Falls: “As a small business owner I was pleased to hear that the Governor of Nebraska had approved the new Keystone XL route. The Keystone pipeline is an important project and one that will considerably increase America’s energy security. We need to start building this pipeline because it will benefit families and small businesses throughout the entire nation.” 


Janet Shulman, owner of The Caramel House: “As an entrepreneur, U.S.–Canadian energy resources resonate with me personally and professionally. Clearly, there are consequences to ignoring one of our closest and most reliable allies and I hope the recent support from Governor Heineman will help strengthen the relationship between the United States and Canada. After years of delay, environmental studies and rerouting the pipeline I hope to see this project move forward without further delay.” 

Tom Crawford, president of the Missouri Trucking Association: “The recent announcement of support from Governor Heineman of Nebraska is a clear signal that now is the time to build the Keystone Pipeline. For years, this project has been caught in Washington red-tape preventing thousands of shovel-ready jobs and delaying America’s efforts to break free from energy dependence from un-friendly and un-stable sources of energy. Given the recent support of Governor Heineman it is time to reverse that trend and get this project started.” 


Jim Vokal, executive director of the Platte Institute for Economic Research: “It’s great news to hear that Gov. Heineman has approved the pipeline route. This is an important step in the right direction and hopefully federal officials see this as a sign that it’s time to move forward with the project.” 

North Dakota

Dick Hedahl, owner of Hedahl’s Auto Plus: “I welcome Gov. Heineman’s approval of the pipeline route. The Keystone XL pipeline project is an essential piece of infrastructure that will allow the oil boom in North Dakota to continue to provide jobs and economic opportunity to thousands of people. I hope Gov. Heineman’s support will encourage federal officials to move forward with this important project.” 

South Dakota

Ben Snow, president of the Rapid City Economic Development Partnership: “Gov. Heineman’s approval of the new Keystone XL route is great news for South Dakota. Building this pipeline will create thousands of jobs for South Dakotans while generating millions in new revenue for our state. It is time for officials in Washington to approve this project so that South Dakota and the whole country can start reaping the benefits.” 


Scott Manley, vice president of Government Relations, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC): “The Keystone XL pipeline is a project that we need to start building, for our economy and for our energy security. For far too long this project has been held up by governmental red tape and partisan politics, but now that Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman has approved the new route through his state, I am hopeful that the administration will get serious about building this pipeline.” 

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